Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fred Meyer Deals!

I love Fred Meyer, and I love it even more now that my daughter & I have discovered the Playland amenity! She gets to go meet some kids and play for an hour and I get to relax and enjoy the free hour of kid-free shopping!

I also love Fred Meyer because they have an awesome coupon exchange bin at the front of the store. This is where people drop the Catalinas they won't use and grab some that they will. I have found some awesome high value coupons in this bin and saved them for a good sale! Plus Fred Meyer has e-coupons that can be loaded directly to your card and their coupon policy allows you to use Catalinas from other stores as long as it states "Manufacturer Coupon" on the CAT.

Here is what I got today:
2 Loaves of Bread (with no HFCS!) - on clearance for $.75 each!
1 Bag of Cinnamon Rasin bagels - on clearance for $1.39
1 12 oz bag of Peet's Coffee - on sale for $7.99
1 lb of Tillamook butter - on sale with in-ad coupon for $2.50 (not great but good for this brand)
2 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats cearal - in-ad coupon sale for $1.67 each
1 package of Farmland bacon - $3.33 with in-ad coupon
1 package of Pampers Kandoo wipes - $1.99
- used all of my Fred Meyer in-ad coupons
- $1.00
e-coupon for Farmland bacon
- $1.50 off any Pampers Kandoo item CAT found in coupon exchange
- $1.00 off any Honey Bunches of Oats CAT found in coupon exchange
- $1.00 off 1 Honey Bunches of Oats Rasin Medley found in coupon exchange
- $2.00 off Peet's Coffee
- $3.00 Walgreens Register Rewards catalina coupon

- $.10 for using 2 of my own bags to carry my groceries.
Final Price OOP: $12.44

Paid only $.67 each for the cereals and $.49 for the Kandoo wipes plus being able to use my $3 RR CAT got me all the breads for free!

Frugal Chic Living has a great coupon matchup list on her blog HERE so check it out for the rest of this weeks deals!

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