Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Week of 3/14

Well I thought I'd try my hand a posting a menu plan for the week on the blog. I've never done it before and I have been having big issues lately with not planning well enough. We have been ending up going out way more than necessary because we either A. have no food or B. I just don't want to cook anything! Maybe if I start posting my dinner menu plan for the week on here then I'll stick to it better. This week is not too hard for planning because we only need to plan out 3 dinners, the others are already taken care of.

Monday, 3/14:
Spaghetti & crock pot meat sauce with salad

Tuesday, 3/15:
Chicken (either teryaki or orange) and home made fried rice with veggies

Wednesday, 3/16:
Homemade artichoke heart & chicken pizza

Thursday, 3/17:
Family in town, out for dinner

Friday - Sunday:
Out of town in Leavenworth, will be eating with family at their homes and will probably use one of our Christmas gift cards to go out one of those nights!

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