Friday, September 3, 2010

Super Savings Saturday: Albertsons!

Do you remember my post from a couple days ago announcing free shredded cheese at Albertsons? Check it out HERE if you missed it!

I wanted to do a quick "bragger" post and show you just how Fabule$$ this deal is! I printed only 2 coupons for this deal, spent $5 out of pocket, saved over $40 and have a $5 Catalina coupon to use toward my next Albertsons purchase! That means that I got all of the above for FREE!!

Cool Whip Deal (no coupons needed!)

On sale for $1 each.

Buy 5 - $5.00

Pay $5.00 OOP - Receive a $5.00 Catalina toward your next purchase!

Final cost: 5 tubs for FREE!

Now you are probably thinking: "What in the world?! Who needs that much cheese and Cool Whip?!"

You are right, I don't!

I called around to a couple of family members and found out what types of cheese they like the best, made a little list and bought enough to give a couple bags to each person! Plus my MIL uses Cool Whip in her coffee every morning so she is getting a few of those tubs. This is why I love couponing so much, it doesn't just benefit my family but other families as well! I am actually going to go back for another round of cheese just to give away.

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  1. Can you use the catalina from the kraft cheese to pay for the cool whip?

  2. Absolutely! On my reciept it read Today's Savings: 100%!!

  3. Thanks! It worked even though the kraft coupon didn't want to work. She got permission and pushed it through! I may do it again on Sunday.