Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish my wonderful husband (of 4 years yesterday!) and all the other father's in my life a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY this weekend! You are such a great Daddy, James! Naomi and I love you VERY much!

We will be heading over to Leavenworth to spend time with family in a bit so I most likely won't be online on until Sunday night. I am super excited to get over there though because my shiney new laptop is waiting for me, thanks hubs!! My beloved little laptop has been on it's last legs for months now so we finally decided to buy a new one before the old one croaked so we may have a chance of selling it at least for a little money.

Just a couple reminders/updates:

My Good Earth Dinner Kit + Bamboo Gift Pack giveaway ends on Sunday so make sure you get your entries in soon!

Kirkland Locals: Check your mailboxes, there was a coupon from Metropolitan Market in my mailbox yesterday for a free tub of mini brownies, yum just what I need! lol!

Father's day Freebies: There are several great offers for free food and products going on for Dad this weekend! Money Saving Mom has compiled a great list of these freebies HERE!

I will leave you with another free sample offer! Costco is offering a Starbucks VIA Readybrew sample again but this time you don't have to be a member! Go HERE to sign up!


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