Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huggies Deals at Rite Aid

Huggies just released some FABULE$$ high value printables HERE. And here is a pretty easy transaction that I did at Rite Aid tonight. Didn't require too much work and involves only printable coupons!

My Transaction:
1 Package Huggies Little Movers, on sale for $8.99
1 Package Little Swimmers Diapers, on sale for $6.99
2 tubs of 64 ct. wipes, on sale for $5.00
Sub Total before coupons: $20.98
- use $5 off $20 purchase Rite Aid coupon (must watch videos to earn credits for this coupon, a little time consuming but worth it!)
- use $2.00 off 2 wipes printable
- use $1.50 off 1 Little Swimmers printable
- use $3.00 off 1 Little Movers printable
OOP: $9.48
Total: $8.48 for 2 tubs of wipes, a pack of diapers and some swim diapers!

The diapers worked out to be about $.16/diaper which is below my stock up price for diapers. Rite Aid also put in the ad that there was an additional $1.00 off Video Values coupon available but as far as I can see there wasn't one up on the site.

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  1. I was so excited to see this post! I have now seen 20 Rite Aid videos. I try to be efficient, so I liked being able to see how long the videos were going to be before I clicked on them. It seemed like the items that are commonly seen in commercials were a lot shorter. I will be headed to Rite Aid to get my loot of diaps and wipes.