Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dairy Queen Blizzards: Buy One Get One for $0.25!

This has been posted about a lot, but just incase you haven't heard: The Dairy Queen Blizzard is turning 25! From now through Sunday, April 25th if you buy one blizzard at regular price, you can get a 2nd for only $.25! NO coupon needed!

Go HERE to sign up for the Blizzard fan club too, you will get 6 BOGO coupons throughout the year! You will also get emails when special deals, like this one, come around!

I know, I know - TERRIBLE for you and I am trying to loose weight not gain it right now, but have you ever had one of those kind of days where a little ice cream just takes care of all of it? I have, therefore I participated in this little birthday celebration and very much enjoyed it!

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