Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project Bathroom Remodel Complete!

We finished Project Bathroom Remodel in just a few days from start to finish! Demo was Thursday, Repairs and Painting on Friday, Flooring and Finishes on Saturday. As with any remodel we ran into a few set backs and extra expenses with a few extra trips to the hardware store, but all in all we did a great job at a relatively low cost.
Before Pics Again:

Our Cost Breakdown:
Bathroom Vanity/Sink/Mirror Combo Package - $272.66
Faucet - $85.57
Light Fixture - $87.73
Hardware (TP holder, Shower Fixture and Towel Hooks) - $73.85
Flooring (Adhesive Laminate Tile) - $34.31
Paint - $36.18
Misc. (tape, wax ring, caulk, texture spray, pipe, paint rollers, etc.) - $44.54

Total: $634.84 with tax included

This isn't including a few things we purchased and are returning because we didn't use them like new baseboard. (We ended up using the old baseboard)

Considering the fact that the average cost of a do-it-yourself bathroom remodel is around $5,000, (That figure is for is new everything including drywall and real tile.) I think under $1,000 for a complete re-vamp is "Fabule$$" and our bathroom looks amazing!

Another big savings area was that we had no dump costs. Usually with a remodel you have a lot of stuff to get rid of that you have to take to the landfill. With the awesome power of craigslist we were able to have someone else come and take away all the old stuff for nothing! We simply took the vanity, sink, counter and mirror up to the curb and listed a FREE ad on craigslist with our address. By this morning everything was gone! We have 1 bag of garbage to send with the garbage truck tomorrow and a bunch of cardboard to send with the recycling truck and that's it!

Last time we remodeled a bathroom we actually made back $100 of the cost by listing the vanity, light fixture, mirror and sink on craigslist as a bathroom package. This time we didn't really want to hold onto all of the old stuff waiting for it to sell so we decided we'd rather see it gone faster and listed everything for free.

And Now for the After shots!!

All in all I think this remodel was a complete success and we are so happy to finally have it completed!


  1. I'm impressed by the speed of it. Looks great, and I love the sink and light fixture.

  2. Looks great! Congratulations, you must be really proud!

  3. Wow-that looks great! You guys did a fantastic job & so quickly, too!

  4. Thanks guys! We worked straight through pretty much and luckily didn't have too many problems so it went really quick. I LOVE it! It's like going into a hotel bathroom now!