Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Bathroom Remodel Begins!

My husband and I have decided that we might want to try and sell our house this summer. We love love love our home and we have been here for almost 6 years but the truth is, we are outgrowing it and if we want to have another baby in a year, we need more space! Plus with interest rates being as low as they are right now it would be a smart move financially.

That being said, our cute little home needs a little work. Since moving in we have done several projects including new windows, wood floors and a bath remodel! We are hoping to round out the projects by putting in new laminate countertops (looks like granite, less than 1/2 the cost!) and re-vamping our master bath.

We pre-ordered our countertops and will be getting those installed on March 12th. (I'll do a before and after post when that time comes.)

For now, here are a couple before pics of our bathroom!

Naomi helped me move everything out!

The Plan:
We are going to rip out the old vanity/sink, mirror and light fixture. Tear up the flooring and patch up holes. We are going to paint the ceiling and walls, put down laminate tiles and a new vanity/sink combo with a new mirror and light fixture. Our plan is to keep our current toliet and shower but replace the hardware in the shower to match the rest of the bathroom fixtures.

The Cost:
I want to do this as "frugally" as possible! We got lucky and found a new vanity that we loved at Home Depot for $250. As a bonus it came with a sink and mirror as well. We are buying a light fixture, faucet, hardware, paint and floor tile. We have ceiling paint and all the painting supplies already.

*Hopefully* we will get all of this done over the weekend. Not a big deal if we don't but it would be nice! I will do an update at the end of the project with after pics and a cost breakdown!


  1. Wow! You'll be busy this weekend. Hope it is a complete success.

  2. Ha ha, I thought the before was the after - it looks great as is!!

  3. Thank you!

    The photos actually turned out pretty good, maybe I should go into real estate photography! The flooring was really bad and the vanity was old plus the sink had a big 'ol chip in it with rust; not good!

    We just finished putting a coat of fresh white on the ceiling and wow! It is amazing what a difference in color it was!

    Have a great weekend!