Monday, January 18, 2010

The Coupner's Burnout!

Happy Monday!
Man, I feel so behind these days! January is almost over already and I feel like it only just began, how is that possible? I am currently experiencing what a lot of frugalistas refer to as "The Couponing Burnout!"

So many great deals, so little time, and no motivation! I have had a lot going on in my personal life these past two months that I honestly have not had much time for couponing and deal searching. However, the good news is, things are finally going to even out for a bit, I hope! We have no plans to take off out of town for a few weeks so I am hoping that this stretch at home will motivate me to get back into coupon-mode and start saving the big bucks again.

Have I gone back to paying retail? No! I just haven't had time to work on a stockpile so I have had a few times where we needed to pay higher prices for items because we ran out. Couponing is great, but really only when you take full advantage of the benefits. If I can use coupons and sales to stock up on an item that is extremely below retail price (or free!) on a couple of items that is awesome. But what happens when I run out of those items and I need them as an ingredient in my Weekly Dinner Challenge this week?! I have to pay higher or (gasp!) even full retail for it and it feels aweful. I usually try and build a "stockpile" for items that we use a lot in our household. Especially things like toilet paper, cheese, etc, etc... If I can get an item that normally costs $2.50 retail for $.25, I should buy enough to last for a few months so next time I need it, I can just run to my little shopping center in my pantry and grab it vs. sending my husband on a last minute store run.

So... am I getting back into it? Yes! My goal this year is to save as much as possible on our household expenses including groceries and also to learn more about ways to save, so I am going to go through my little couponing system tonight and re-vamp it to make my life a little easier at the store this week. Also, I am going to catch up on all of my Deal-Finding blogs to find the best store deals and really try to save big these next couple of weeks while building my stockpile as well.

I will do my best to post more often as well. I love running this blog and the only reason I do it is so all of you can save big right along with me!

Have any of you experienced "The Burnout"? What did you do to pull yourself out of it?

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