Friday, January 15, 2010

75% Off Toy Clearance at Target??

**Update: Washington stores have the 75% off toys! There was not much left tonight, sure wish I would have gone this morning but I was able to get a few great deals! Plus I am covered for a couple of kid's birthdays and Christmas gifts for the coming year now!

Today might be a good day for a trip to Target. A few of my fellow bloggers are reporting HUGE savings on toys today. Here in WA state I have not verified anything but check out what Carrie at Money Saving Methods scored in Ohio today! I plan on going shortly to check it out and I'll post an update when I return!

Also, check out Stretching a Buck's post HERE to see the great coupon match-ups good through tomorrow.


  1. Count Saint Louis MO Target in as having 75% off of many of their toys at the South Lindberg store!!

  2. The targets here are finally marking down to 50%. I wish it were 75%!