Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FREE Peet's Coffee & Tea on Christmas Eve

If you are out and about shopping on Christmas Eve gathering those last few gifts and making meal preperations, please stop by your local Peet's Coffee and Tea. Any brewed coffee and/or tea are complimentary ALL day!

Plus as an added benefit, each store has chosen their own local non-profit organization to donate to and Peet's corporate matches what each store earns up to $1,000. I worked for Peet's a few years back and on Christmas Eve all of the tips that day went to our chosen local charity. I worked for a small kiosk in a market and we raised over $1,500 just in tips that day, it goes to a great cause, and hey, who wouldn't love a free cup of coffee or tea while out shopping that day!

Go HERE for more details, and HERE to find a Peet's near you!

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