Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toys R Us - Fabule$$ Hasboro Game Deal!

Toys R Us has a HOT promotion going on this week. Spend $25 on participating Hasboro games and receive a $10 gift card. Plus you can submit for a $2 Hasboro rebate per game.

Here is what I bought and for how much:
7 Games - $3.99 each (Regularly $9.99 each)
Ant's in the Pants
Don't Break the Ice
Candy Land
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Total: $27.93 (add $2.65 Sales Tax = $30.58)
Received $10.00 Toys R Us Gift Card
Submitting 7 $2.00 Rebates HERE for an additional $14.00 off. Only 1 rebate allowed per game type.
Total after taxes, gift card and rebates = $6.58 or $.94 per game!!
Your total will be lower depending on your sales tax rate, our's here in the Seattle area is a whopping 9.5%!

That is 7 great Christmas gifts for $7!

Please note: the games have to be the original themes, not the character games. For example, Memory has to be the original Memory, not the Dora the Explorer Memory game.

I was also planning to turn around right away and use my $10 gift card on the Playskool Musical Sit and Spin as they are on sale for $19.99 and I have a $10 off coupon from However, the gift card they give you is not valid until 6 hours after your original purchase, so we will go back later to pick that up.

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for alerting me to this hot deal!


  1. Wow! That is an amazing deal! What great gifts to give to friends. Game nights are so much fun!

  2. When I went it said get $10 GC when you spend $25 or more on Hasbro games. I noticed that the Ants n the Pants, Cooties, Don't Break the Ice, and Chutes and Ladders were not Hasbro. So now I'm confused as to how you received the $10GC. Please help this confused couponer!

  3. @Mommy23 - I know the games are not Hasbro they are MB, my guess is that maybe they are partnering with Hasbro on the rebate?

    When I went to the store there was a tear pad next to the games with the rebate form that listed the games available for the rebate. Also on the front page of the TRU ad yesterday they had a photo of all the games you could buy to get the $10 gift card. My store gave me the gift card with no questions, so I definitely recommend having a copy of the ad on hand with you when you go in, or ask for a copy when you get there.

    Hope this helped!

  4. Oh, OK! Thanks SO much Samantha. I stood in the game aisle for 30 minutes trying to figure out which ones went toward the Hasbro GC. I'll go back tomorrow.

    Thanks so much!!

  5. Hasbro is the mother company. Milton Brothers and Parker Brothers are really the same company, falling under Hasbro.

  6. The $10 coupon from expires when? I have one but don't have it with me and I want to take advantage of this awesome deal.

  7. Rebecca - The $10 off Sit and Spin coupon doesn't expire until January of 2010! The Hasbro game promo ends this Saturday though.

  8. I went last night to TRU and they were out of a few of the cheap games. But I did pick up enough for the $10 gift card and then used another coupon for BOGO for 2 card games. They will make great Christmas and b-day presents, or just to keep when my daughter is a little older.