Sunday, November 8, 2009

Online Shopping Tips ~ Holiday Planning

Shopping online has become a very common thing in recent years, especially during the holidays. I was very intimidated of buying things online a few years ago, but now it is almost the only way I seem to purchase things anymore. If there is an item I want to buy, I can almost always find it cheaper online.

Here are a few tips on getting the best deals while shopping online.

1. Never pay for shipping! Most websites will offer free ship codes or promotions so definitely do some research prior to clicking that order button. Sites like have a ton of promotion codes for hundreds of retailers including money off and free shipping codes. **

2. Get the lowest price! Check out sites like and find out which company is offering the item you want at the lowest price. Just enter what you are looking for and it will pull the prices along with shipping costs and show you a list of all the retailers that are selling what you want and how much it costs.

3. Shop through rebate sites! There are several sites out there that you can shop online through. Basically you register at their website and then click to go to your favorite stores from their website. When you make a purchase, you receive a percentage of your purchase back in your rebate account. These places are free to register at and often times give you a sign on bonus! For example, will put $5.00 in your account for registering, then once you receive an additional $5 in rebates they will send you a check! Go HERE to sign up with them now. You can also shop through sites like (rebates are credited to your college fund!) and (Receive 1 Swag Buck for every $5 spent!)

4. Don't forget about eBay! Check out for the item you are looking for. A lot of times you can find the item you are looking for brand new or just slightly used with the packaging still for a great price. I have found a lot of "fabule$$" deals on eBay on brand new items, just make sure to check the seller's feedback rating to make sure they have mostly positive feedback and be wary of counterfeit items. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, a brand new pair of $200 designer jeans listed for $25. They are probably fakes. Same goes with electronics.
P.S. Shop through your rebate sites when buying on eBay too! Ebates offers 2% cash back for your eBay purchases as well as Swag Bucks and Upromise!

**December 18th is the "Black Friday" of the online shopping world. Most companies offer free shipping and specials that day as well as a guaranteed arrival by Christmas Eve! As this date gets closer I will try to post a list of companies involved and their best deals. They are usually pretty good!

I hope this article was helpful to you and online shopping is a little less intimidating! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or leave a comment!

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