Monday, November 9, 2009

UPDATE- Target - CHEAP Up & Up Baby Wipes!

**UPDATED! My Target had these wipes for $1.57/Tub. Even with the tax rate and extra 2 cents these wipes are still under a penny per wipe, I am going back for 5 more tubs tonight! Oh and don't forget your canvas bags, you get a $.05 bag credit per bag that you use. Don't bring 5 bags for 5 tubs and expect $.25 off, they count how many they use!
Target Brand (Up & Up) Baby Wipes: $1.55
Print $1/1 Target Coupons HERE
Final Price: $.55!
This works out to be less than a penny per wipe! That is cheaper than Costco!
I have seen a few comments about them being cheaper in some areas of the country. I fully plan on stopping by my Target tomorrow to get some and will update if the price is different.
Has anyone tried these wipes before? Did you like them?

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  1. I actually used these coupons on the smaller, soft bags of toddler flushable wipes. They are 48 count and just a bit smaller size than the regular wipes. They are priced for 97 cents at two different Target stores near me. The coupon is adjusted down to 97 cents so they are free. Free turns out to be pretty cheap per wipe. I have already bought 14 packs and plan to stock up on more. Love these deals!!