Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Target: CHEAP Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud

These adorable little Mr. Potato Head Santa Spuds are priced $5.99 at Target. Print the $5.00/1 Spud Buds coupon from HERE (or scroll through the coupons tool on the right of my blog and do a quick print!). You can snatch a couple of these up at only $.99 each!

I bought one yesterday while on my 2nd Up & Up wipes run and will probably get another one on my next trip for a spare Christmas gift this year.
I forgot to put it away and look who found it during lunch today. Good thing she is still young and it won't phase her when she opens it on Christmas morning!!

Thanks Stretching a Buck!


  1. The $5 off the spud bud coupon worked for the Mr. Potato head? Did it automatically take it off or did they have to over ride the system? Some of the cashiers at my target like to to read all of the fine print on the coupons.

  2. I was worried about this too, I figured I would try it out just in case and if it didn't work then oh well.

    It scanned with no problem for me, no over ride needed. On the package it is listed as a "Santa Spud" so I think that is why there wasn't a problem.

  3. Sounds great then! I'm going to go and try this one out tonight.

  4. That's great RachelV! I am going to get another one this weekend probably! Such a great deal!