Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You Vocalpoint!

I got another sweet surprise from Vocalpoint in my mailbox today! It was a sample box of Kashi's new cereal called, "Honey Sunshine" and 6 coupons (one of those was for a free box!) that I plan on saving for a future sale and possibly get a lot of free or almost free cereal! The cereal is very yummy and healthy too! (6 grams of fiber/3 grams of protein!)

This is my 3rd freebie that I have received from Vocalpoint in one month just for being a member! First I was able to try out a free Bounce Dryer Bar, (they just came out this month and I can tell you 1st hand that they work and are awesome!) and they sent me some coupons for future purchases as well. I also received some coupons for Rice Krispies. (1 free box + 5/1.00 off coupons) I paired those coupons with a sale and ended up with 5 boxes of Rice Krispies cereal for FREE! I made a TON of Rice Krispy Treats for our camping trip a couple of weekends ago and they went over very well!

If you are not a member of VocalPoint yet, go here to sign up for free. They have a ton of great household tips and they will send you little surprises in the mail just for being a member. The only stipulation is that if you like what you try, you tell your friends about it, simple as that! Enjoy!
I know my daughter, Naomi, loved trying out the new cereal!

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