Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TARGET Printable Baby Coupons!!

Target recently released a bunch really great coupons for baby items!

I love Target because you are able to use 1 manufacturer coupon + 1 Target coupon PER item! There have been several occaisions where I have gotten things for free or almost free at Target!

Go Here for the coupons. (no print limit!)
Then go check out the Krazy Coupon Lady's post about this deal with a complete listing of prices and match-ups for these coupons!

If you are a Huggies fan this would be a great week to stock up! At the Redmond Target last night I noticed that the large boxes of Huggies were a "Special Purchase" this week and if you buy two boxes you get a $5 gift card*. If you buy two boxes to get the gift card and use (2) $1.50 off 1 Target coupons and (2) $1.50 off 1 Huggies Coupons you can get these for a smashing deal! With the gift card that is a savings of $11 on diapers!
*Please note, this deal may not be at every Target, please call your store before making a special trip to confirm the promotion.

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