Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Two Yard Stretch

Whew what a busy couple of months its been since we moved into our new home! The best part about this place is that I have the space to do more furniture projects and a great studio to stage them in afterwards. I LOVE having more space, nothing is crammed in, I don't have to constantly rearrange things and everything just flows, its been really really nice.

On that note, here is a fun little scenario for you guys:

I bought a set of dining chairs before we moved. They were in ok shape but needed reupholstering and I decided to paint them as well; they were only $10 for all of them so I couldn't resist bringing them home. Side Note: Chairs are not my favorite things to paint.

I found some great upholstery fabric on clearance at the craft store for $10/yard. Since I had 4 chairs we decided on 2 yards just incase I made a mistake. Better safe than sorry since it was on clearance and I couldn't easily buy more later.

I am super pleased with how they turned out:

I love the clean and crisp white color and the bright fabric; they just really stand out! They sold right away too and the buyer sent her husband to pick them up, he complimented me when he was loading them and then she made a special note to me later that night to tell me just how much she loved them and how great of a job I did so that is always REALLY nice to hear after a project that took a little extra time and patience.

Best part?! I had some extra fabric left over from the project - I never throw extra supplies away, you never know when you'll be able to use them! I had enough to do two more pieces actually!

First up was this cool old wood crate that I got out of some guys workshop. It was super dusty but I loved it because it was larger than most and had cool writing on the side. The guy told me his dad used to work for the company back a long long time ago. After a couple trips to the hardware store for castors, hinges and plywood for the seat here is the finished project!

Old dusty wood crate turned super cool industrial rolling storage ottoman! I took this one down to my new shop space yesterday and had a lady stop me and tell me how adorable it was and ask if it was for sale before even going in the shop! Hopefully its a quick sale!

Another side note: I expanded! I am now also at a 2nd shop location in the same Country Village shopping area! I'm on the main floor of this store with lots of natural lighting and I am concentrating this space on my painted furniture pieces, the store is called Love for the Brush! Hopefully it does well, I just moved in last week and even got a couple small sales already! I plan on continuing at the Whitehouse for now because my antique and vintage items do really well there. Wish me luck!

Ok and now for the last piece:

Sweet little vanity seat!

I bought an entire set of 1920's Art Deco furniture from a lady I met at a garage sale. She wanted to sell the whole thing as a set because she didn't want to split it up. I got a smoking deal on a tall boy dresser with mirror (the original Bakelite handles alone could double my money on ebay!) a vanity and seat and a twin sized bed but the veneer is all peeling on every piece and it is going to be a big project. I decided there was no way I could refinish all 4 pieces and keep them as a set. I may do the vanity in this same turquoise color to try and keep the seat and vanity together then the rest will separate out though; we'll see!

The moral of this story is that I never throw extra of something out because you never know when it may come in handy! The fabric paid for itself when the chairs sold so that is money saved on supply cost for both other pieces which means more money for me when these things sell!

Stay tuned I have another before and after post coming up in a couple days featuring 2 dressers and an end table! My challenge project is coming along just fine as well I start work on the final piece today so as soon as its all finished and sold then I'll do that post!


  1. Your makeover posts are so inspiring! The chairs are just fabulous! You do such nice clean work. I'm curious to see how you deal with the peeling veneer on the Art Deco furniture. I wouldn't be brave enough to attempt to handle that kind of fix.

    1. I'm not sure I'm brave enough either, I started with the twin bed last week and it's not going well!

  2. That fabric is so cute! You did a great job. Love them all!

    1. Thanks Kimberly!! It's such a fun outlet for me I'm having a great time learning as I go!

  3. You do such lovely work!

  4. Wow those chairs turned our so great! I love them!! I have no patience for jobs like this, at all!

  5. Love those chairs! I really need to get up to Country Village again!! Some day. :)