Thursday, May 22, 2014

Change Your Passwords!!

On the off chance that you missed the message on the main page (as I did, my husband emailed me about it!) go change your eBay passwords right now as they got hacked!

In other notes I have almost nothing to report on! Sales online are zilch because I'm just not putting in the effort at all this month, I'm too busy with all my other projects like photography, my final consignment sale of the season next week and my little Antique store booth.

I worked my 2nd shift at the shop this week and it was pretty slow and went well. I sold a few things last weekend so I've officially made my rent for the month (Whoopty do, but at least I won't have to pay anything for June.) and now I just need to make enough more to cover the 12% commission so I can actually get a check in June and make this whole thing worthwhile! I went through the store and looked over what the other dealers have sold this month (All the sold tags go in each dealers book so I was able to look and see what they sell.) and it looks like the aesthetic of the store is more that of lifestyle than antique meaning that the vintage items aren't always what end up selling so I'm going to focus more on the design aspect rather than the old factor when I'm out sourcing for things for my booth.

Anyways, hoping for some good finds over the long weekend, fingers crossed! We are heading to Leavenworth which can produce some really good garage sales!! We also are hoping Max does ok in the car for the trip, he hates the car but loves Leavenworth so we want to get him in the river at least one more time!


  1. I saw the email yesterday and changed it right away. Also, if you are like many of us who use the same password for multiple sites, be sure to change it on those also. Apparently, the thieves also have your name, address, email address, phone number and even birth date - and can still do a lot of damage with this info.

  2. Thank you for the reminder on the password. How is Max?