Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward!

Did anyone forget to turn their clocks forward an hour yesterday? We got most of them except the one in the car so I got a bit confused but at least it wasn't a Monday or something and I got my daughter to school on time this morning!

We live in the great Pacific Northwest, which I love, most of the time, except I have Seasonal Affective Disorder so by February I REALLY start to dread the dreary days. Luckily, even though its been pretty rainy we occasionally get a break and its now warm enough to at least go run around in the grass for a bit. Spring is here, and I'm excited for the next month or so. I want to get out in the garage to start painting furniture again and of course, more garage sales! I went to one this weekend that was inside, it was a fundraiser for my daughter's elementary school. We spent about $17 and got a few good things for resale, a game, a basket to use in my newborn photography, some clothes for Scooter here and a Little Tikes slide!

Sales the last couple of weeks have been pretty great. I have sold off all of the Little Einsteins toys I bought from Craigslist for a really great profit, looks like everything has been delivered according to tracking as well! I'll still keep the money in Paypal for another week just to make sure that I don't get any returns though. I'm still doing well with the quick flips and spring cleaning. This morning I was putting dishes away and noticed some crumbs in a drawer which spurred a 2 hour kitchen cleanout complete with purging of all the things that haven't been used in over 2 years. It feels sooooo good to get rid of some of the clutter around our little house!

Looks like around the blogosphere that sales have been pretty consistent with everyone so here's hoping we ALL have a great spring! I have another consignment sale this weekend (2 of 3 spring sales) and I'm hoping to make around $100-150, not much but I'm selling everything really cheap in hopes that I don't have to pick anything up afterward! I want to get all new items for my last sale in May from early season garage sales!

Remember my church sales finds from last week? A few things I bought that day have already sold! Whoop! I'll leave you with those sales for now, have a great week!

Keen Gypsum Athletic Shoes with Box - Paid $3 at the church sale - sold within 2 days for $59.95.
Makes a nice $35 profit after fees and shipping!

New with Tags Laurel Burch Cat Print Canvas tote bag - Paid $6 at Value Village, sold the next morning with a best offer of $28 and already got a rave review on my feedback profile!
This next item wasn't from last weekend's finds, but its another example of my non-main character BOLO list! He's from Lilo & Stitch but was not a main character. Therefore less sold originally, which means harder to find now and that equals more money!
Jumba Plush Beanbag Toy from Disney Store - Paid less than $1 at a charity thrift store - Sold in its 2nd month to a doctor in Manhattan for $43! $30 profit after fees and shipping, he's small too, less than 8" tall!


  1. Great sales! I like your background. Is that one of those vinyl sheets?

  2. Yes it is, thank you! I love it and let me tell ya, I think it makes my photos stand out much better from the rest of the pack and I've noticed a big sales boost, its all in the pictures!

  3. Wow..nice flip on the plush. I was looking at all my listed inventory and realized that all of my plush had sold, except for 1. I love it! I have a whole bunch that needs to get listed asap. It's definitely a great seller!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. I have sold a ton as well! I just listed a few last week and hoping they sell over the weekend, going to work on some listings now since I found 4 more plush on Tuesday!

  4. I changed all of our clocks except for the one in my van. After I was almost late picking up my daughter from an activity, I rectified that. Good luck with your consignment sale :)

  5. Love your background for your photos, it looks great! I'm with you on the early yard sales, let's get this season going! I'm ready!!