Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Sales

Thankfully January hasn't been as rough for me as some of my fellow online sellers. I have been on a picky kick when out shopping which means I haven't bought much unless its something I know I can sell for a good sized profit and something relatively small so I don't take up too much space with it on the off chance it hangs around a couple months. This seems to be working well for me as I've had some pretty decent sales and on things that I've bought just this month.

Since I don't have much else to post about I'll leave ya with some of my recent sales. I also recently bought some new backdrops for my photography shoots so I've been using some in my product shots and I actually think the photos may be helping my sales along since they aren't on just a plain white or black background.

Starbucks Valentine Mug - I've been storing this for a while and listed it this month. Glad I did it sold within a week for $18 - After all my investment, shipping and fees it was only a profit of just over $7. This is an example of why I am being more picky. I bought it in June, stored it for months and sold it quick but is it really worth all the effort for only $7?

These Circo boots from Target are always on my radar. My daughter actually wore this same style when she was little and let me tell you, ADORABLE! They are very desirable online even though they are from Target. I picked these up on the 7th of Jan at Goodwill for just over $3. They sold within 2 days for $22.95. After fees and shipping I cleared a profit of $11.10. Plus I didn't have to store them for months, bonus.

Same with these cute glitter TOMS. I originally purchased them from my Facebook group thinking I'd give them to my friends daughter but her feet are too big already for them so up on eBay they went! Bought on the 13th, sold on the 19th for $29.95. Profit after investment and fees was just under $14 and again, no storage!

Oneida Flatware set brand new in the box - this was a bit of a bigger investment for me since I don't usually spend more than $10 on items at a thrift store, they cost $16.41 but sold for $49.99 within 8 days for a profit of $16. I had to ship medium flat rate because of the weight but still, no storage time and pretty decent profit after fees.

I reiterate my Disney Store plush love. Always grab random character plush, especially from Disney Store. When I saw this little guy in a bin at the thrift I had no idea who he was but I saw the Disney Store tag and he was only $.29 so I grabbed him. After a little research I found out he was Morph from Treasure Planet, never seen it but bigger versions of this guy can go for $50! Mine sold this morning for $16.95 and he's small so he's heading out First Class. I purchased him on the 15th, he sold this morning and I cleared a profit of $12.78. (Although I wouldn't have had problems storing him for a long time because he's super small!)

I have to give a shout out to fellow blogger Kari over at She Thrifts She Scores on this one! I'd have never guessed to be on the lookout for this game but man I'm glad I was! Bought it on 1-14 for $4, sold 4 days later for $49.95, an awesome $24.42 after fees and shipping! This is one I wouldn't have wanted to store for very long either as it had lots of pieces and the box took up some space! Thanks Kari!

So I'm going to try and keep on this be picky, sell quicky motto and see how it goes for a couple months! I have decided I need to slow down and appreciate the small stuff right now, my kids are at a great age and I am loving just taking time every day to be with them and not stress about having to list. If I can still make the same amount and buy less, its all good!


  1. Great sales! And yay for Candy Land Casle! :-)

  2. Great sales and it's smart to be picky. You are selling when many others are having a bad week. I think I saw that Candyland castle at my GW and I passed on it. Maybe I should see if it's still there.

    1. Yeah you should go see if it's there! Even if it's not complete you could sell it for parts & pieces!

  3. Great sales! I love plush! So cheap to buy and ship and usually returns a nice profit :)

    1. I know its so great! I have to be so picky with what I buy because of storage issues but plush just shove into drawers and pack so easily. My husband rolls his eyes every time I bring more home but it always sells and even he admits that!