Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change the Title

Sometimes all it takes is a change in the title to get your item to sell! I bought two of these Starbucks Coffee Pot house mugs at an Antique store almost 2 years ago! It was right when I started to pick up and sell mugs and I didn't know a lot about what I should be looking for so when they were in the 1/2 off room I didn't hesitate paying $3 each for them. Well they sat, and sat and sat and sat and sat. I decided ok this is it I'm relisting them one more time and if they don't sell they are getting donated to make space. Since it's fall now and Halloween is coming up I added both "Halloween" and "Fall" to the title in the listing. They both sold within 3 days to 2 different buyers!

Granted they didn't sell for much at only $14.99 each with free shipping but thankfully for the "Jelly Roll" Method I was able to ship them both in padded flat rate mailers and already have positive feedback for one of the two stating how carefully it was packaged and shipped! Score!

Not a huge profit but a profit non the less and I cleared out a little more storage space!

Welcome October!

I had the BEST sales month I've ever had in September, Wahoo!! So thankful that things picked up and I'm hoping I can keep up the momentum, which means I better go get some more stuff listed! We are taking off for a Mexican vacation at the end of the month so hopefully I can get some big ticket items out the door before we leave and then when I get home I can roll out *GASP* Christmas items that I've been storing all year!!


  1. Changing up the listing does seem to make the item search better with the Cassini search Ebay I'd using now. Adding best offer, changing price etc work well too for better searchability.

  2. I'm glad your mug finally sold! I have been in that boat. I still have about 3 mugs I have been neglecting.

    I've been changing the titles of my listings and also the prices. That's all it takes sometimes.

  3. Awesome! I've had some stuff sit for ages too - time to start changing some stuff up.