Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Fun Month Ahead!

Well June was pretty busy for me, not just resale-wise, that part was actually pretty slow, but I did a lot of photo sessions for a lot of clients and that was great for business but my plan this year has been to take my kids to where I grew up in July and spend the entire month so I wanted to clear up any loose ends before we take off TODAY! This meant lots and lots and lots of editing time but it was all fun and I got it all done in time plus I had time to take my own son's two year photos as well! (Big pat on the back and sigh of relief for me for getting it all done!)

I cannot believe this little goofball is going to be two years old on Sunday; man how time flies sometimes!

On the resale end of things I'm looking forward to taking a break from listing for a month; this of course doesn't mean I won't be sourcing because I can't resist the thrifts and when I see a garage sale sign I go into convulsions if we drive past it! It's a sickness really. I plan on collecting and being picky with what I buy, then come home in August and get all of my fall/back to school items listed up!

Hubby will have to ship out anything that sells this month so while I hope things do continue to sell I hope it doesn't get too crazy for him. I have a hard time letting other people do things for me that I'm used to doing on my own all the time; I trust that he will take just as good of care of those sold items as I do but it always makes me nervous!

Sales were ho-hum for June. It started off painfully slow but then in the last few days of the month things picked up and I ended up with some decent totals and some fun finds too.

My hubs and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in June and my mom came over to sit with the kids overnight so we could go relive our kid-free days! This of course meant hitting up a couple garage sales kid-free too! It was late in the afternoon but we got to one charity yard sale and one church rummage sale that was actually closing when we got there. I was so surprised at the church sale to find my first Heath Ceramics plates! I couldn't believe they were still there for one and for the other it was 1/2 price on everything and I got all 3 of them for a whopping $2.00!  Hubs also did some wheeling and dealing and we picked up a box full of vintage blue mason jars for $20 which I cleaned up and flipped for $50 within a couple of days.

At that first sale the only thing I ended up grabbing were a bunch of loveys! Oh I do love the loveys! There were 3 Bunnies by the Bay, 1 Carters and 1 Blankets and Beyond all for $3! Two of them have already sold and my son has kind of adopted the Carters puppy so I think we'll keep him a while longer.

 I adore Bunnies by the Bay items. Their plush are so soft and cuddly, it's no wonder they are so expensive brand new! This guy sold for $18 with free shipping that cost me $2.

This guy sold for a whopping $25 with free shipping and fast too, I will definitely keep buying this brand if I see it! I think this guy might have been a hard to find one I only found one other in the completeds and so I listed him high with a best offer option. He sold for full price within a couple days.

I hope you all have a profitable and fun July! I may do a fun finds post if I get around to it at some point this month but otherwise I will see you all in August; time for summer vacation!

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  1. That bunnies by the bay one is Adalyn's lovey! Those things are insanely expensive. She won't touch another one me I've tried. She sucks on his ears. Yuck!