Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Listings!

YAY! I got another offer from eBay for up to 5,000 listings for free from now until the 3rd; this includes Buy It Now which I use most of the time anyway. Needless to say I am going to be a listing maniac the next couple of days.

I am not sure how its possible but I just keep finding old items that I never bothered to list! I guess I am doing my spring cleaning early because I've been on an organizing kick and pulling out a bunch of old items that I was thinking of just re-donating but then when I got this offer I thought, eh, why not give it 30 days and see if I can at least make my initial investment back.

Yesterday was photo day, I spent quite a bit of time taking pics and then editing them so all I have to do now is research and list the next few days. It had been about 4 days since my last sale so I was excited this morning to find 2 things that I almost sent packing had sold and made me a profit!

More Starbucks mugs! These I didn't think were even going to go for $10 but I ended up getting a best offer for $18 with free shipping this morning, so I took it and shipped it off within an hour.
I think I finally got all of my mug stockpile that I mentioned in my last post listed. I have 2 more to do today and then I just get to kick back and see what happens! So far this month I've sold 10 mugs, that is a nice dent in the collection but there are lots more to see go!

I bought these Richard Caruso rollers back last June! I actually bought the whole hairsetter but it was broken so for the $4 I spent on it I figured I'd list the rollers as extra pieces to add to someone's set. They sold overnight for $14.99 with free shipping and off they went this morning as well!

My goal is to list as much as possible the next few days and hopefully I'll have a lot to ship out, the more you list the more you sell right?! I've never sold more than 5 items in 1 day, would be so nice to break that record sometime soon!


  1. I love selling mugs. Great idea about the rollers. I never considered picking them up for parts. Thanks for that!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. BTW, I'm so glad I came to your site to respond (instead of just reading it in my Google Reader). I noticed under your Fabuless Reads that Yard Sale Mommy had posted a couple of months ago. glad she's back. So glad you had that on there! Thanks! :)

    2. She did post a couple times a couple of months ago but nothing since, I was really hoping she was back too! Maybe!!!

    3. Yeah, I did notice bad!

  2. I don't have much luck with mugs but I know a lot of people that do. Except for Starbucks I never know what sells.