Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday: John Deere ROCKS!

You know those grab bags when you go to the thrift store that are always filled with random crap whether it be a bunch of random toys or kitchen supplies? Well one day a couple weeks back I happened to be browsing through the toy section and came across a grab bag of John Deere tractor toys for $1.99. I almost didn't buy it because I wasn't sure how well or if they would sell at all and my son is not even close to being of age to play with tractors!

Well I am SO glad I bought it! I came home and it was a set of 20 pieces including model tractors and trailers with a farmer dude, a horse, a tractor crossing sign and three boulders plus a cool diecast bi-plane toy. After a couple quick searches on eBay for these things I decided to list the farm set and the airplane separately. I put the set up as an auction for a week with free shipping and the airplane as an auction plus buy it now listing.

After a week at auction this tractor set sold for $31.00 with free shipping!! An awesome profit on a $1.99 investment/risk!

But wait, it gets better! Remember the little plane that was in the bag too?

In the last 15 minutes of the auction with no bids this little puppy sold at the BIN price of $19.99 + $10 shipping to the UK!

When you factor in all of the ridiculous fees from Paypal and eBay and the shipping costs plus initial investment my profit for the $1.99 grab bag ended up being $40.49! As I said in the title, John Deere ROCKS!

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