Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: My Little Ponies!

Everyone remember back in the 80's when My Little Pony first came out? I swear I probably still have a few in my grandmother's attic somewhere! Either that or I sold them all for a quarter a piece back when I didn't play them anymore. Well, while out thrifting one day a couple of months back I came across a couple of very well played with MLP's from 1986! The hair was matted on one of them and they were both very dirty but I had read somewhere that some of these were super collectible and I figured that for $2.99 Naomi could play with them if they were worth nothing!

I actually took forever to get them listed, I bought them back in July and they have been sitting in my "To List" pile for months. I finally bought a Magic Eraser and cleaned the ponies up a little a couple weeks back and they looked pretty nice. When I researched their names and checked the completeds on eBay for these the blue one looked like it would for sure go for at least $10 and the white one I could probably get $5 for. "Better then looking at them everyday" I thought to myself so I listed them both at $.99 for a 1 week auction.

Within 2 hours I already had a bid on "Bright Eyes", the more collectible of the two. And by the end of day two I had 9 watchers on that one and 3 on the other! That's when I get excited!

Princess Tiffany - not as collectible ended up selling to someone in Canada for $4.25 + $6 shipping. Enough to "pay for" both ponies at the thrift store!

Bright Eyes - she was one of the twinkle eye ponies from the 2nd season or something and if you ever find her friend, Mimic, who is an orange unicorn you can guarantee at least $90 for her. Bright Eyes here is also collectible though and she sold to someone in Norway for $33 + $10 shipping! So glad I took a chance on buying these and next time I won't hold on to them so long!

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