Thursday, January 13, 2011

Target Bi-Annual 75% Off Toy Clearance!

WAHOO!! Its that time of the year again! Target has a huge portion of their toy section clearance priced at 75% off!

Check out what I scored today:

If I would have paid retail price for all of this loot my total would have been $302.61! I saved $227.02 and only spent $75.59!

The best part? These are all birthday and Christmas gifts for the kiddos in our life for the next YEAR! Yeah I will have to store it all for a while but its worth it because most of these toys are items I would have not purchased at full price. With this sale I was able to get some really cool, normally very pricey toys for my nephews, cousins, and Naomi's friends, etc!

My favorite find of the day? The Star Wars toy is by far the coolest, I picked it up for my nephew for next Christmas and can't wait to give it to him! It lifts a ball using your brain waves! SO COOL!

Here are a few tips to know before you go:

- Before you leave home, sit down and make a list of all the children you know that you will need a birthday and/or Christmas gift for this year. Stick to your list, if you find a cute toy but don't know who you would give it to, then don't buy it!

- Not every store may be participating in the clearance markdowns so if you live far away from one I recommend calling your store before heading out. Plus I highly recommend you go today as there may not be much left tomorrow. I was playing bumper carts with other deal hunting mamas to get my stuff!

- If it looks like something you may want, put it in your cart! Then before you check out find a corner and go through your cart to pull out anything you may have changed your mind on. Otherwise it may be gone by the time you go back!

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  1. Totally jealous of the Star Wars toy!! Thanks for sharing.