Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top Foods: Tillamook Sale is Back!

Top Foods' Tillamook promotion is back! The deal is not as sweet as last time but it's still a great deal on cheese!

Spend $10 on any combination of Tillamook products and save $2 instantly. This is a mix & match sale and ALL things Tillamook are included.

Here are some prices: AFTER $2 Savings

2 lb Cheese Blocks - $4 each

Tillamook Ice Cream - $2.67 each

Tillamook Butter - $2.00/lb

Tillamook Yogurt - $.40 each

There are other items included in the sale but I didn't think to look at any other prices, sorry!

Cheese only scenario:
Buy Two 2 lb cheese blocks $10
Save $2 instantly
Final price: $8 for 4 lbs of cheese, can be even sweeter with coupons!

I have a ton of cheese from a Kraft promotion a while back so I only ended up buying 1 block, plus I was out of butter and I had a coupon for the ice cream so I decided to do the following scenario:

Buy 1 2lb loaf
Buy 1 lb butter
Buy 1 ice cream
Subtotal: $10.83
- $2 instant savings for spending $10
- used $1 off 1 cheese coupon
- used $.75 off ice cream coupon
Final Price: $7.08 ($3 for the cheese, $2 for the butter, $2.08 for the ice cream)

I got the coupons from the Tillamook Loaf Love tour that was in town a couple of weeks ago! Sweet coupons and free samples, plus a cute mini bus!

A couple of other good deals at Top this week are:

Organic Peaches and Nectarines - $1.79/lb.

Annies Homegrown Mac & Cheese - $1.00/box

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  1. I'm actually headed to Top Foods on my way home to pick up some cheese and ice cream! :) I saw the bus locally (too cute) but didn't have time to swing by and grab some coupons. We LOVE their cheese and ice cream. :)