Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amazon.com: FABULE$$ Diaper Deals Going On!

For those of you who receive Parents and/or Parenting magazine, go through the last 2 month's issues and find you 20% off diapers codes for Amazon.com. Amazon is having a diaper sale right now with 30% off and free shipping plus you can stack these extra 20% off codes for an additional 60% savings! WOW!

I only had 2 codes to stack with but I just bought 156 Pampers diapers for $13.14 and used my Swagbucks earnings to pay for the rest! That's only $.08/diaper and actually free since I used my free money from Swagbucks to pay for them!

Some people are reporting even more savings too, just check out Frugal Living NW's post HERE about how to get this Fabule$$ deal! This is a deal you CANNOT pass up if you have those codes!

Plus I can enter the code from the big pack of diapers and get big points added to my Gifts to Grow account! I am saving up for another Starbucks card so this will go a long way!

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