Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Target: CHEAP Clothing!

First off, sorry for the image quality; I was feeling lazy this morning so I just took the photo with my phone camera!

Target.com has released some Fabule$$ high value printable clothing coupons!

- $5.00 off any C9 by Champion apparel item
- $1.00 off any Hanes apparel item
- $2.00 off any Women's Merona Top
- $3.00 off any Merona Handbag
- $3.00 off any Men's Merona Top

I took this stack of coupons with me on my Target trip last night and was able to score the above gym shorts for FREE because they were on clearance for $4.98! My store had 2 racks full of C9 products on clearance markdowns so if you aren't looking for shorts you can probably find a cute top or get a 3 pack of socks for only $1!

I also found some Merona t-shirts on clearance for $2.50, meaning with the other coupon I got a T for $.50!

Target has a lot of clearance going on right now, your mileage will vary by store but if you are going it is worth checking out!

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  1. Wow, you did great! Here is a link to what I got today.