Thursday, June 3, 2010

Locals: Kirkland Met. Market Grand Opening

Good Morning Friends!

I just wanted to do a quick post about the grand opening of a new grocery store in the Kirkland area. The Metropolitan Market just opened today in the Houghton neighborhood. Now the Met. Market is not a store I usually shop at because the prices are substantially higher than my usual stores. For Example: 1 lb of organic strawberries is on sale for $4.00 this week, but at Fred Meyer they are on sale 2 for $4. Yikes!

However, I do love a good grand opening celebration! They have some great events going on this month at the store that are sure to be full of free samples and such. I also got a coupon in the mail for a free pineapple!

Go HERE to check out the schedule of events for the rest of the month!

This morning I braved the crowds and stood in line forever and was sadly not one of the 1st 500 guests to get in. Those lucky peeps got a bag full of goodies and coupons, boo hoo! I did get a free reusable shopping bag & magazine for my efforts though and Naomi was also happy to get a balloon. Plus, had it not been only 10 am I probably would have waited in the 2nd line for a piece of cake!

I didn't stay long but I am going to go back in the next few days because they had bananas on sale for only $.27/lb and the baby loaves of Tillamook cheese for $3.97. I plan to get a couple using the $1.00 off Tillamook cheese coupon from the Safeway Dairy books! $3.00 for 2 lbs of cheese is definitely a stock up price. Plus I still need my free pineapple!

Go check it out and let me know what you got to sample and deals you get!


  1. Really nice to hear a quick review of the new store! We're out in Redmond and are kind of excited to go check it out, even if we end up not buying anything. And YAY for free pineapple...yum!

  2. How exciting! I have never been to that market before, is it similar to Whole Foods or PCC?

  3. Tasha - did you ever go to Larry's Market before they closed? It is the best description I can think of.