Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gone Again!

Hi Friends!

We are taking a road trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend for Memorial Day! Wish us luck on the 13 hour car ride with a 2 year old, lol!

At any rate, we'll have a lap top with us but I am not sure about internet availability so we may not get a chance to post about anything this weekend.

Just a couple things:

- Doublers! There should be Albertsons doubler coupons in the Sunday paper this weekend! If so the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce would be FREE!

- No Inserts in the paper this weekend because of the holiday.

- P&G is offering some great samples right now! (Pampers, Bounty, Pantene, etc!) Go HERE to sign up for yours! Note: if you have requested samples from them in the last couple of months you may not be able to request these but it's worth a shot!

Have a great Memorial Weekend Everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun!
    J gets restless after only a few hours in the car =( Road trips are far and few between for us.