Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi Everyone! Did I scare you? I know I haven't been around for a while!

I am back from Las Vegas! Well, actually I got back on Monday afternoon, but it has taken me until TODAY to fully recover and get back to life as usual! My trip was wonderful and so needed; my batteries have been recharged! Plus you will all be pleased to know that of my $300 spending money for the weekend, I only spent $200 and that was a stretch! I was pretty proud of myself with that because I could have SO easily gone overboard being there, everything in Vegas is extravagant and expensive!

At any rate, I am home and back to our weekly routine, and hopefully this means couponing as well! I have been in a couponing rut again the past few weeks but I am hoping that this week I can go through my stash and hit up some stores! This of course would be easier if I had gotten my Sunday paper delivery this week, I was not happy when I got home to find an empty driveway! Plus my mailbox did not have my weekly store ads in it yesterday either, grrr! How am I supposed to get back into saving money if I don't have my valuable resources?!

Just a note: if you miss a delivery of your Sunday paper (and don't get your inserts; those things are like money to me!!) then make sure you call your paper service! They can have a copy delivered to you the next day usually or will for sure give you a credit on your bill for the missed delivery, or both if you are really lucky!

So I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of your week and upcoming weekend! Check back for some more Fabule$$ posts and feel free to email me any great deals you find! I will credit you if you are the first to tell me about it!

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