Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Under Construction!

**Update** Ok my friends, after two days of tweeking and moving things around, I think I have finally found a layout/design that I love! I took the photo in the banner today and found this sleek black design. I hope you all like it, I will be back to posting tomorrow as I am BURNT out!

Wow! I had no idea updating to a template that was more user friendly was so hard to do! Sorry to any of you who are clicking on my page and finding it all wonky! I have to be offline for a while but when I get home this evening I will be working on finding a template that I love and one that isn't so gray and boring! Lol!

Hope you all enjoy your evening! P.S. It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Western Washington, if you live around here I hope you all get out and enjoy the weather this afternoon!


  1. Looks good Sam. It is tough work changing up those blog sites.

  2. Looks great, just need to change the post text color to a slightly lighter gray. Can be hard to read it in some lighting.