Friday, March 19, 2010

Holy Free Cereal Batman!

WOW! I can't believe I just walked out of Albertsons with 12 boxes of cereal for FREE!!!! My husband is a Rasin Bran FREAK so he was super excited to be stocked for a while. The rest of it will most likely be donated to our local food bank. I feel that while my family greatly benefits from my couponing addiction, other families in need should benefit as well.

Here are my 3 transactions:

Trip #1:
4 Boxes of Rasin Bran @ $1.59 each
2 Boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats @ $1.59 each
Sub Total: $9.54
- used 3 $1.00 off 2 Post Cereals Coupons
- used 3 Albertsons Doublers
Paid: $3.54, Received a Catalina for $4.00! ($.46 Profit!)

Trip #2:
6 More Boxes Post Cereal @ $1.59 each
1 Orange Tic Tac @ 1.00 (Hubs REALLY wanted them!)
Sub Total: $10.54
- used 3 $1.00 off 2 coupons
- used 3 Doublers
- used $4 Catalina from 1st transaction
Final Price: $.54, Received another $4 Catalina!

Trip #3:
2 Mega Packs Diapers - On clearance for $9.99/pack! (Marked down from $17.49!)
Sub Total: $19.98
-used 2 $2.00 off Cruisers Diapers from P&G inserts
-used $4 catalina from previous transaction
Final Price: $11.98 + Tax!
That works out to be about $.13/diaper, way below my $.20 buy it price!

The doubler coupons expire tomorrow so get in your coupon transactions by tomorrow night. My store was well stocked on the cereal so hopefully yours is as well! Even without coupons this cereal deal is pretty great since you still get the catalina at the end.

Scenario without using any coupons:
Buy 5 Boxes Post Cereal @ $1.59 each
Final Price OOP: $7.95 and receive a $4 Catalina coupon good on your next purchase.

Factoring in the Catalina that works out to be about $.80/box. Plus you can roll this to another transaction and use the $4 Catalina to pay for the next round, then you will receive another Catalina at the end of that transaction!


  1. I love the fact that you are going to donate some of the cereal =) I always buy a little something extra at the store to donate, too.