Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FABULE$$ DEAL! Today Only at Safeway!!

** Update ** P&G e-Saver had a glich in their system this morning. When I checked out today my e-coupons weren't deducted. I called P&G e-saver customer service when I got home and they are sending me something in the mail. Not sure if it is my $7 or what though! Make sure your e-coupon status says, "waiting for redemption" vs. "waiting for retailer approval" or your e-coupons won't deduct.

This deal is too hot not to post about! I am getting dressed and running to Safeway in the next hour to make sure there is some still on the shelves!

This deal is good TODAY only (3/2) so load up your Safeway card and head out!

Before leaving your house, register your Safeway card at P&G e-saver HERE. After you have registered, load your card with as many coupons as you want but make sure you get the $3.00 off Bounty and $3.00 off Charmin on your card.

At Safeway (or affiliate store):

Buy 1 Bounty 15 Roll Pack, $12.99

Buy 1 Charmin 24 Double Roll Pack, $12.99

You'll save $6 instantly at the register for buying these making them $9.99 each.


Swipe your Safeway card and another $6.00 will come off from the e-coupons!

- Use $.25 off 1 Bounty from 2/7 P&G insert

- Use $.25 off 1 Charmin from 2/7 P&G insert

Final Price: $13.48, $10 off your next purchase Catalina coupon will print after you pay!

This is like paying $3.48 for 15 rolls of paper towels AND 24 Double TP rolls!

Note: Some stores have these prices at $11.99 each originally meaning you will need to add something else to your card to make your pre-coupon total $25 in order to get the Catalina to print. In this instance, I plan to buy a Bounce Dryer Bar as well at $4.99. There is an e-coupon for $1.00 off and a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off from the same insert making this $2.50.

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