Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Albertsons: LOTS of Soup and Free Noodles!

Whew! It was a pretty boring week for Albertsons until those doublers showed up on Sunday! I just wanted to do a quick post with what I got this week! I found a whole stack of doublers at my Albertsons cust. service desk so I grabbed 3!

1st Transaction:
8 cans of Campbells Soup - Cream of Mushroom and Chicken - $.75 each
2 cans of Cheddar Cheese Soup - $1.00 each
Sub-Total: $8.00
- used 2 $1.00 off 4 Printables
- used $.40 off 2 Campbells soups (now expired)
- used 3 doublers (-$2.40)
Final Price: $3.20! Plus I got a catalina for 200 bonus soup labels to donate to a school!!

2nd Transaction:
2 Darigold Sour Creams - used my raincheck from last week to get them for $.99 each
Organic Bananas - $1.80
Bag of No Yolk Noodles - $1.29 (realized later that the register charged me $1.49 :( )
Sub Total: $5.27
- used 2 $.40 off 1 Darigold blinkie coupons found by the sour cream!
- used $.75 off 1 No Yolks coupon from 3/7 SS insert
- used 3 doublers (-$1.55)
Final Price: $2.17
Free noodles and $.20 each for the sour creams! Woot!

3rd Transaction:
2 bags No Yolks - rang up correctly at $1.29!
4 more cans of soup
Sub Total: $5.58
- used $1.00 off 4 soup printable
- used 2 $.75 off No Yolks coupons
- used 3 Doublers (-$3.50)
Final Price: $.58!! There was $.40 overage on the noodles so the soup was even cheaper!

Basically all together I spent $5.95 on all of that. Usually the cream soups are over $1.00 per can since they were only $.25 per can with this sale I stockpiled them. Now I should not have to buy cream soups for a long, LONG time! Same with the noodles, when they are free I get as many as I can because they don't go bad for 2 years. The most expensive item I bought was the bananas!

These prices are good through tonight at midnight. There are 3 doublers in next weeks ad though so I have a feeling there will be a lot more free or almost free products!!

Personal Note: I do buy my family wholesome foods other than condensed soups, noodles and crackers, etc! I know a lot of these super saver posts I do are a lot of processed foods, but these are not everyday items consumed in my household. We have a milk delivery service and I go to the store every week for fresh organic produce and meats. If an item I sometimes use goes on sale at a rock bottom price I would rather buy a lot of it and have it when I need it vs. running to the store and ending up spending $1.35 for one can of soup because I need it for a casserole. Plus, having a large stockpile enables me to be able to donate more to canned food drives!


  1. Great job! My customer service desk has been stocking a pile of doublers as well. Love it!

    Did you get the rebate for the Egg noodles? You still have time. If you didn't you can contact the company online and ask for a form. I did, and they sent me one by email very quickly.


  2. Jane - I didn't even know there was a rebate! Where do I need to go to request the form?

    That's awesome Thanks!