Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update on Free Purex at Fred Meyer

Hey All!

If you haven't gone to Fred Meyer to pick up your free Purex detergent yet you may want to do it by tomorrow. According to a few online sources, they are going to be pulling the Catalina coupon pretty soon. Sometimes people get a little excited when they hear about getting basic necessities for free and apparently someone went and cleaned out Cincinnati of 800 bottles of Purex. That is just ridiculous in my opinion! Check out Frugal Living NW for more details.

Personally, I went to Fred Meyer tonight to pick up a couple of bottles. I was excited to get my Red Plum insert in the mail today because in it was a buy one get one free Purex coupon!

From what I have read, in order for the $4 Catalina to print you had to buy the 50 oz bottles so the 60 oz bottles you could pair with the $.35 off printable weren't triggering any Catalinas.

Anyways, tonight I purchased two 50 oz. bottles of Hypo-Allergenic Purex detergent for $1.99 each with the in-store coupon. I used the BOGO coupon to get an additional $1.99 off and my final price out of pocket was just over $2 with tax. $4 Catalina printed out with no problems. (My cashier was so funny and really interested in how I knew about all this coupon stuff! lol!) I turned around and used the Catalina in a 2nd transaction. I didn't really need more detergent, so I used it on my other groceries instead.

Note: Even if you don't use any manufacturer coupons on this deal, just the store coupon, the detergent ends up being free if you purchase the right bottles to get the Catalina to print.

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