Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Dinner Challenge - Eating from the Pantry!

We are heading to Oregon for our yearly family trip to Seaside tomorrow, so I actually haven't done any actual grocery shopping this week other than a few great deals I couldn't pass up and a little fresh produce. I have been inspired by my favorite blog,; she along with a lot of other bloggers are doing an Eating from the Pantry Challenge the whole month of January! I decided to go along this week but next week we need to go to the store; I am out of almost everything after the holidays!

I did a little research at and found THIS great looking recipe for meatballs using things I already had in my pantry! I have never made homemade meatballs before so I thought this would be a good challenge. I did vary from the online recipe, but they ended up turning out GREAT! (Sorry to those of you who don't like meat photos!)

My Variation:
- 1 lb Organic Ground Beef
- 1/2 cup Milk
- 1 Egg (Organic, Cage-free - $2.00 dzn at Fred Meyer this week)
- 1/4 Bread Crumbs, Italian style
- 1 Tbsp Garlic Salt
- 1/4 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
- 1/2 cup finely chopped Fresh Spinach (Fresh Express Baby Spinach, $1 per bag at Fred Meyer this week.) Can't taste the spinach, 2 year old LOVED them!
- additional Italian seasoning and dried parsley
- I wanted to add some chopped onion but I was out and didn't have any dried either.

Pre-heat oven to 350. Mix together in a bowl and form into balls the size of golf balls; place on cookie sheet. (Tip: Line sheet with aluminum foil, will help with clean-up!) Bake meatballs for approx 30 min. Made about 18 Meatballs.

These taste great all by themselves along with a salad or steamed veggies. I cooked some No Yolk egg noodles and served the meatballs with brown gravy over the noodles along with some green beans on the side. (Sorry forgot to take a meal photo!)

Since I was on a roll with the whole pantry idea, I decided to use up the last of my organic pumpkin puree from Trader Joe's and make a loaf of Pumpkin Pie Bread to take with us for breakfasts down in Seaside this weekend! Yummy!


  1. Those look amazing! AND the bread looks so yummy! Don't mine me if I come knocking on your door tomorrow morning with my cup of coffee! ;)

  2. Thanks! and feel free! I'll be here til 8:45! :P