Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weekly Dinner Challenge! Fabulessly Frugal Grilled Pizza!

I have recently become inspired by many of my friends to start challenging myself in the kitchen. Thanks mainly to Emily, Tasha and Rebecca! They are doing a variety of things that have really made me think that I would like to do much of the same things they are. I want to start making not only healthier, but more challenging meals that also don't break our weekly budget.

So I have decided to do a new challenge of sorts. At least once a week (maybe more), prepare a new meal that I have not attempted before and do it as cheaply as possible.

I started this off a couple of weeks ago when I got pork shoulder for very cheap and made pulled pork bbq in the slow cooker for the first time and it turned out great.
I didn't use a new recipe per say this week but I did try to imitate something James and I ate on vacation a few weeks ago. We went out for lunch at a clay oven pizza place and had an amazing slice of thin crust pizza with red sauce, ricotta, mozzarella and thin slices of meatballs. It was SO good that I was determined to figure out a way to make it myself at home. When I was at one of my favorite stores yesterday, Trader Joe's, I bought some fresh pizza dough, sauce and frozen meatballs. While not everything was from "scratch" I did figure out a challenging way to prepare it; on our gas grill.

I have made pizza at home before but usually the crust turns out bad, too thick or too thin and not crispy at all. Making it on the grill gave it an excellent crispy, wood-fired type feel and it was excellent!! I think it was as close as we could've gotten to that pizza we ate in Vegas!

How I did it:

Pizza Dough (I bought this pre-made simply because I knew it would turn out) Roll out into 2 thin 8 inch rounds, brush bottom with olive oil and put on a low-med pre-heated grill. Cook for approx 2-4 min depending on thickness, brush top with olive oil and flip over.


Quickly add your toppings as the bottom will get crisp fast.

Red Marinara Sauce
Ricotta Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Thin slices of spicy Italian meatballs
Thin strips of fresh basil
(You could also toss on a few pine nuts for extra flavor and crunch)
Close lid and let cook about 5 min or until cheese is melted in the center.

We made two pizzas (yummy leftovers!) and since the process is so quick I recommend doing one at a time. When the first is finished, slide it to the side of the grill that isn't on and it will stay hot until both are ready.
I made this dinner for about $10!! Pizza Dough $1.29, Pizza Sauce $2.29, Meatballs $3.19, Ricotta $3.50. Plus, I have enough ingredients left over so that we can make it again next week!
Enjoy! I know we did!! Tune in next week to see what's new in my kitchen and for how much! Also, feel free to leave a comment with some suggestions, maybe I'll take on one of your suggestions!!

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